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Welcome to K'S Academy

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Our mission at K’s Academy is to provide exceptional care to children between the ages 2-5 with age-appropriate learning activities and to watch them grow and develop in a prestige early childhood education facility.

Our main values

  • Opportunities for Exploration
  • An Environment Built for Imagination
  • A unique Preschool Curriculum

activity rundown

1- Every morning we start out with table time, that is where your child will come into preschool and while waiting for our other friends to come, they will have some sort of project to be working on. Ex. Shapes, numbers, letters, coloring, etc

2- Mornin movement – We are able to go into the dance studio every morning and work on different type of sensory or movement skills.

3- Circle time- during this time we work on the calendar, colors, shapes, and numbers both in English and Spanish.

4- Crafts- we do daily craft around our theme for the week.

5- Reading corner – we have a reading corner with books that change every few weeks to keep them fresh and new for the kids to stay excited about learning.

6- Snak time- We have healthy snacks served daily

7- Outdoor Play- We have a turf play area that the kids will get daily time to play on. During this time they will get to do different activities such as water play or sand play.

8- Centers- We have three centers daily that the children are separated into small groups and work on different learning skills daily. During this time I am able to take each child and work on something at their own level- one to one.

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Testimonials About K's Academy

Kenzie is absolutely amazing!!
She is so patient with our little one! And he absolutely loves to go! She love all her little and gets to know them one on one! I’d highly recommend her!!

Bree Marie

Bree Marie



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